Landlord Responsibility

Your Landlord must:

  • Maintain the structure and exterior of the property.

  • Deal with any problems with the water, gas, or electric supplies.

  • Maintain any appliances and furniture which they have supplied (if the property is ‘Let’ as ‘furnished’).

  • Carry out most of the repairs.

  • Arrange an annual gas safety check (CP12) by a Gas Safe Engineer where there are gas appliance(s).

  • Ensure that there are smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detectors (if applicable), and that they are in working order at the start of your tenancy.

  • Give at least 24 hours notice of visits. At Etheridge Estates, if we cannot contact you and receive a response via either phone, text or email, we will always send you 24 hours written notice of our intended visit (unless it is an emergency).

  • The landlord should also insure the building to cover the costs of any damage from flood or fire.

  • You can also request that the Landlord/Agent provide you with a copy of any electrical inspections. All installations and appliances must be safe. As such, it is recommended that checks are carried out every 5 years.