Tenant Responsibility

As a Tenant you must:

  • Pay the rent on time. If you don’t you could lose your home because you will have broken the terms of your tenancy agreement. If you have problems paying the rent, you should advise the Landlord/Agent immediately. You can also seek free advice from Shelter, your local Authority, or Citizens Advice.

  • Look after the property. Get your Landlord/Agent’s permission before attempting to carry out any repairs yourself or redecorating etc. If you are unsure on whether or not you can, or should be doing something-just ask! It’s also worth getting contents insurance as well. The Landlords insurance will only cover the Building and not the Contents (your possessions).

  • Be considerate to the neighbours. You could be evicted for anti-social behaviour if you aren’t. If there are issues, this may also affect your Landlord/Agents ability to give you a good reference when you come to find another property.

  • Do not take in a lodger or sub-let the property without first seeking permission from your Landlord/Agent.

  • You should also make sure that you know how to operate the boiler and any other appliances. Plus, make sure that you know where the fuse box, electrical/gas/water meters and stop-cock are located. At ETheridge Estates, we will show you all of these things during your general property induction, when you meet us to collect the keys to move in to one of our properties.

  • You should also regularly test your smoke alarms and carbon monoxide detector (if you have one), at least once a month. Report to your Landlord/Agent straight away if they are not working correctly.

  • Report any need for repairs to your Landlord/Agent as soon as possible. There may be a risk to your deposit if a minor repair turns in to a major one because you did not report it.